Check Out the Latest Truck Driver Jobs in Arlington, TX

The freight transportation and trucking industry is a great field for anyone to start and carry on a career. Truckers help support the nation by getting various products to their new locations on time and in good condition, and there are always jobs in the industry. If you’re looking to start a career in the trucking industry, we’d love to hear from you. Zeus Xpress Alongside, Inc. has many employment opportunities available. Email us for details about how to apply for one of the latest truck driver jobs in Arlington, TX. We are always looking for reliable and experienced people to join our team in a variety of positions including:

  • Freight Transportation Drivers
  • Service Representatives
  • Customer Service Representatives

Working as a truck driver is a very desirable position for many people. You’re providing a vital service that keeps the economy thriving, enjoy great pay and work, and have the opportunity to take in great sights and meet interesting people during your travels. Whether you join us as a driver or as one of our many support staff members, you’re sure to find the work fulfilling and enriching.

Please give complete answers to all questions. Incomplete answers will only slow, or stall the application process and our goal is to get you hired quickly.

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